About La Willy Nilly

Hi Folks. Iím Jerry Brewington, writer and producer of the feature film La Willy-Nilly. This is a fast-paced comedy about a suicidal actor who gets caught up with a midget and a homeless kid to sell a mysterious refrigerator to the Los Angeles underworld. They are pursued by the oldest crime boss in California and his madcap henchmen, who will stop at nothing to get that refrigerator back, including kidnapping the kidís mother.

In the end, itís the homeless kid who shows the older actor what true heart is all about.

Iíve always been interested in more offbeat subject matter, and Los Angeles has this in spades. I want to make a film that reflects this, and is bursting with all the unique and crazy people and places of this city that have influenced and inspired me, and caused me disappointment, during my time here.

Anyone whoís lived here, or knows anything about this place, knows that Angelinos spend a lot of their time in their cars Ė they drive everywhere, and spend a lot of time in traffic. It struck me that within this, there could a great way to tell the story of L.A, and thatís what I did.

This film is set entirely in, and from the point of view, of cars.

Not only does it give us a novel point of view for telling this story, but also a ďportable locationĒ allowing us to visit all the unique areas of Los Angeles - South Central, Chinatown, East LA, Up to Hollywood, the beaches, finally ending in LAX. Crazy ride, I know.

LA Willy Nilly is, in short, a love letter to Los Angeles and the movies, and like many TRUE love letters it includes the good, the unique, and the ugly. I want this film to reveal that honest love, told in my own unique way that may change some pre-conceptions folks have about this sprawling metropolis.

- JW Brewington, Writer/Director